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PRISM™ is a Leading Training, Coaching, Yoga & Wellness and Consulting firm helps in increasing performance of the people & organisation strategic goals. We are provider of quality, innovative, and world-class Executive Coaching, Corporate Training, Organisation Development, Wellness & HR consultancy.

Enter in the world of PRISM™ Philosophy, specialist in Corporate Trainings, Softskills enhancement and OD consultancy with an innovative, powerful intervention solution helping people to create a “New you” where hey will bring out the best and achieve as desired. We at PRISM™ also help you to identify the core competencies pivotal to catalyse success and design strategic intervention specific to your needs. PRISM™ empowers individuals and organizations through the provision of innovative and industry-focused education solutions by offering a unique model “The PRISM™ Philosophy” focused on PREPARE, RESPECT, IMPLEMENT, SHARE and MAINTAIN. Our Philosophy emphasizes on pragmatic principles that offer knowledge, skills, and practices to our National and International clients. Our deep understanding of the Trainings & Consultancy, coupled with our passion enables us to deliver value-based solutions to our clients encompasses five key components: Excel, Endow, Envision, Empower, and Eminence.

Prism virtual offices are located in key areas and offer signature programs as per your dates and durations to meet convenience and flexibility.


Our focus is on human behaviour and offers a wide gamut of end to end Training solution on Soft skills Program, Behavioural Session, Quality & Project Management Workshops with Certification Program and Excutive, Leadership & Wellness Coaching based on Competencies development. We believe in Inclusive & Empowerment with people involvement for sectors.


Our systematic and creative approach helps organisation in OD and HR  expanding, diversifying as per their objectives, goals and vision with our proven Philosophy— PRISM™ Prepare, Respect, Implement, Share and Implement) to ensure a significant surge in organisational performance and workforce effectiveness. If your business is multinational, our global talent will help you effectively and consistently.


Proven Philosophy – PRISM II Strong Manufacturing & Service Industry presence II 3 Consecutive Gold Medal by ISTD, Min of HRD for our Research Work II Women Entrepreneurship Award 2021 by DMA II 50000+ trained man-hours to our credit II Consistent rating of average 4.8 rating out of 5 as per google II National & International presence.

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Our Story

Our Story
June 25

Inception, Prism Trainings & Consultancy

Founded in 2011, with the dream of transforming people by providing world-class learning & development with a unique model that is focused on each individual’s needs.
September 4

Gold Medal from ISTD (Min of HRD) in T&D

Research on Learning & Talent development.
September 10

Gold Medal from ISTD (Min of HRD) in L&D

Linking Business Strategy though Training & Development
April 14

Created Prism Philosophy

Created by Anubha Maurya Walia. She discovered a goals pulsed with clarity, enthusiasm, commitment. It was 2014, when she started drawing her goals and realised how it helped her achieving them with simple process and which became an acronym ‘PRISM” it explores five simple practices anyone can use to be successful. These practices, known as The PRISM! Philosophy, are the foundation of our training & consultancy solutions.
November 19

Gold Medal from ISTD (Min of HRD) in Leadership

Leadership Development for Competitive edge – 2015
February 24

Entry in Kenya

At PRISM we believe that all experience in L&D should be inspiring & creating positive impact leading to excellent performance. Our focus of quality & dedication with PRISM Philosophy made us expanded our arms in Kenya.
August 12

Top 10 Mentor of India from Sheros

How Sheroes committee is working towards women empowerment made us to be part of their goals . As per Sheroes: We went back to top mentors for their one takeaway from 2016 and what is that one thing they would like to share with the community. Click to Learn more…
May 25

Prism World Pvt Ltd

Welcome to PRISM WORLD, India’s leading provider of professional development training and HR services. We provide tailored training nationwide and draws on the very best specialist trainers, consultants and industry expert.
June 6

Prism Academy

PRISM Academy imparts training through skill centers started from Himachal Pradesh focuses on specific job roles to improve Work skills, Life skills, Soft skills and hard skills. Skilling is developing in oneself by developing competencies of youth. We are working with many institutions by joining hand for transforming and development of India.
May 19

Prism Online Session & Webinars

Prism is now conducting live online training that is designed to focus on individuals, corporates, institutions blends with engaging, virtual activities, and personalized experiences makes us unique by our 60 instructor-led courses to choose from, with flexible schedule.